Everything starts with a thorough analysis of your business processes. By working with us, you aim for an automated environment that supports your project-based activities. A total solution that helps your organisation with:

Planning and management

Looking for IT solutions for Task Management, Workforce Management, Resource Management and Project & Portfolio Management?

  • For project managers who want to realise their projects as efficiently as possible.
  • For PMOs who want to proactively manage their project portfolio.
  • For innovative organisations that want to guarantee that good ideas for projects, innovations, research … don’t get lost.
  • For project managers who want to optimise their daily project follow-up and compile their weekly or monthly status report quickly and efficiently.
  • For team leaders who want to optimise the capacity and occupation of their team.

Want to simplify and manage your project processes? Whatever methodology you use (Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid), you’ve come to the right place! Our experienced PPM specialists ensure effective implementation and integration of your ideal PPM solution, fully tailored to your business!

With Microsoft PPM technologies in combination with our own developed add-ons, you get the tools to manage project processes, plan tasks and set the right priorities:

Exerti’s ProjectPlus
Exerti’s eGrid
Exerti’s eBoard
Project Online
Power Apps
Power Automate
Power BI

Project-based collaboration

Projects are never realised in isolation. Cross-fertilisation ensures better and more complete projects, and collaboration around projects is becoming increasingly important. Collaboration outside of projects is also gaining in importance, with a focus on sharing and managing knowledge.

Collaborate smoothly and easily, and quickly retrieve all your project information. Let us help facilitate cross-service collaborations.

Relevant technologies and Exerti interfaces:

Exerti’s Detailed Planning Interface

Why do our customers choose us?

  • Proven experience in functional and technical analysis
  • Best practices in planning methodology
  • The experts in Microsoft Project technologies
  • In-house developed add-ons
  • Experts in change management

Exerti add-ons

Discover here a number of extensions to Microsoft products that derived from our previous projects: improved visualisations and reports as a supplement to Project Online/Server and additional functionalities that improve the user experience.

Exerti's ProjectPlus

Are you a Project Online user?


Feel like the user experience in Project Online could be better?

The ProjectPlus package offers better visualisation of phases in the Project Center, simpler KPI reporting, integrated functionality for change requests, data-entry screens that are more user-friendly, better visualisation of project deliverables, automated scheduling and preparation of project status meetings …

Interested? Request the datasheet below and discover the many time-saving features of ProjectPlus!


Exerti's eGrid

Optimise your global reporting?


Do you follow up your investments, project budgets, objectives, deliveries … using Excel spreadsheets? Does it take you a lot of time and effort to keep your data up-to-date in Excel?

Want a user-friendly alternative that integrates the data with Project Online? Get to know eGrid: from now on, follow up budget and cost information in euros and FTEs, via a customisable input form and standard reports.

Interested? Request the datasheet below and discover the power of eGrid!


Exerti's eBoard

Are you a resource planner, but not really familiar with Microsoft Project?


Are you using Excel to schedule and assign resources to tasks?

Want to be able to simulate the impact of planning changes on resource usage? Want to create your weekly schedule without having to delve into Microsoft Project? Also want to immediately see the impact of your changes in the schedules of the different projects? Then eBoard may be the perfect planning aid for you.

Interested? Click here for more information or to request a trial!


Exerti interfaces

All interfaces we have developed so far can be found here among the different Microsoft and other commonly-used project management products: connections between multiple applications to maximize the strengths of each individual application for enhanced and more efficient project collaborations. It would be impossible to put all the interfaces we’ve built on our website, so please contact us if you need any connections.

Exerti's Detailed Planning Interface

Is Project Online too unmanageable for a detailed planning process?

Exerti's Detailed Planning Interface

Are you following up your projects with Project Online? What you really need is a detailed overview of the project schedule, as well as a clear view of the tasks as they progress, but is Project Online too unwieldy to provide all this?

Wouldn’t you prefer a user-friendly solution that integrates Project Online with Planner and Tasks Lists? Then why not familiarize yourself with Detailed Planning Interface: Thanks to this connection, you can continue to work as a project manager in Project Online and yet monitor what and how much work your employees, who previously worked in Planner and Sharepoint Task Lists, still need to do!

Interested in the connection between Project Online, Planner and Sharepoint/Teams Task Lists? Request detailed info below and discover the power of Detailed Planning Interface!